About me

Hi, I’m Manu (Momchil Pavlov), I’m originally from Bulgaria and I live in Folkestone, Kent, UK. 

I’ve had different occupations in my life like translator, website creator, office manager, magic show manager, magician, chef and eBay business administrator. While my professional occupations have varied my interest in meditation, spirituality, higher consciousness and healthy and natural life style was always of strong interest to me throughout the years. The greatest influences I have received from:

  • Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his TM (Transcendental Meditation) program and TM-Sidhi (Yogic Flying) program and also his vast vision of revival of the whole Vedic Science
  • Nithyananda, the creator of the Sri Kailaasa Hindu Nation at whose ashram (temple) at Bidadi, Bengaluru, India I was able to live May 2017 – May 2018 and who is  an extraordinary being with incredible amounts of energy, enthusiasm, magnetism and persistence. Nithyananda continues the work of Maharishi and the rest of the Vedic Masters dedicated to the Sanatana Hindu Dharma and the revival of Vedic Knowledge and bringing with it the Age of Enlightenment, Satya Yuga to planet earth. 
  • The Master Beinsa Duno (Petar Dunov), the greatest Bulgarian spiritual teacher who gave his teachings of the White Brotherhood in Bulgaria in the first half of the previous century and described the qualities of the coming new sixth race of human civilisation in great detail. 

On my path I have read from, watched and listened to many other inspiring beings who have helped me tremendously with different ideas and solutions for a deeper understanding of life and unlocking higher sensitivity and consciousness.

Based on the variety of the experiences I received I’d like to share some simple and practical solutions for today’s world.

I’ll reveal in depth the different insights and solutions that can help us in these times regarding:

  • Spiritual understanding and solution for the current pandemic. Turning a problem into a magnificent opportunity.
  • Practical scientific approach for bringing peace, stability and prosperity to the whole society even under the current circumstances.
  • Healing solutions.
  • Available medical technology that will bring an entirely new, higher level of medical care and will completely change the way healthcare functions and how we can apply it instantly on our local community level.
  • Natural law and common law solutions for the individual and community made easy.

Welcome to a most