Cow Bliss Project

This project is about creating an experimental cow farm, where people will be given full possibility to explore and experience the most amazing spiritual connection and healing qualities of the cow, as well as implementing all the technologies about the different use of the cow dung as construction material, heating material, fertiliser a.o. It was born based on my experience while staying at the ashram of my guru Nithyananda at Bidadi, Bengalur, India in the period May 2017 - May 2018. It was back then when I wrote about my experiences with the cow and only now that I'm making it publically available. When I read it again just before publishing it I was surprised that I didn't do much about it after I came back from India. I remembered that all I wanted to do is just that - have a cow or few cows just like people have cats or dogs, but really didn't have any idea how to realise this. I never wanted to work in a farm that would treat the cow in an disgracefull manner and that's what all or almost all of the cowfarms in the West unfortunately are doing. I'm putting this story up now as I'm at a different stage in my life with new environment and I feel it more possible to attract such a possibility and continue with my contribution in this field and help people get the numerous benefits from the cow as well.



24/01/2018, Nithyananda Peetham,
Bidadi, Bengalor, India


I'm Manu, the nickname through which I'm known. Legal name Momchil Pavlov and spiritual name - Sri Nithya Uttarananda. I'm from Bulgaria and I'm devotee of The Avatar, HDH Paramahamsa Nithyananda. I’m 46 and I’m adheenavasi (permanent resident) at Nithyananda’s adheenam (Vedic ashram or city) at Bidadi, Bengalor, India.


Three things I was able to catch in one picture that are being worshipped in Hinduism: cows, women and idols.

My first experience with the amazing healing and spiritual qualities of cow dung started somewhere around the end of August 2017. I moved to live with Nithyananda in the beginning of May the same year and soon after I settled I started thinking how to start getting and using cow urine from the cows at this place for healing purposes as I had psoriasis and I’ve learned from internet that the cow urine is one in all cure for many diseases and very good for psoriasis as well. As cow urine was not used by anyone and we were busy during the days and I couldn’t figure out how to get someone to regularly take urine from a cow and supply me with it I ended up with just thinking about it and no practical steps forward. Once I came across a video with a man from a healing centre applying cow dung on the skin of a patient with positive results for his skin disorder in just 14 days (they also used other therapies for the case). Encouraged by the video and few more scarce resources about the dung I decided to at least go ahead with this next closest alternative to the cow urine, as it was easily available and no need to ask anybody for any assistance. I knew where they dumped the cow dung, so I could get it even without anybody knowing about what I’m doing. At the beginning I was afraid and shy to share this with anybody as the fact that I’m using cow dung to apply on my body might not have been a popular thing and I was worried of how I could manage with the smell, so that others would not understand. I even planned to sleep outdoors, so as to keep away from others and not disturb them. I sleep in a dorm with about 30 people in the room, so that was an issue for me.  Fortunately, I understood that I could apply it just for a few minutes in the bathroom and then wash it away. So, one day I just took a copper bowl that was available around and got some dung from the place they dumped it and then in the evening before going to bed I went to the bathroom and applied it for a few minutes all over my body and washed it away. When picking up the dung I didn’t know whether it was from the cows or from the bulls. I read somewhere that it needs to be from the cow, obviously having something to do with the quality of the cow. I took it from big piles. Later on I didn’t hide any longer from the people who took care of the cows and simply went for the most fresh dung right next to the cows. I didn’t use soap after application and never did, so to leave at least a thin layer of it working afterwards. Luckily it didn’t smell. I was glad nothing remained in the bath area and everything dissolved well enough to go through the pipes. I went to sleep and slept well.


The first morning when I woke up after I applied the cow dung the previous evening before going to sleep I was deeply surprised. I surely didn’t expect any instant results. This thing had to deal with my skin over some period of time, so nothing to be expected. But the feeling I had in the morning was absolutely amazing. Very good mood indeed. I also very clearly remembered my dream. I instantly understood that this has a spiritual effect for people, as dreams are connected with consciousness and this thing obviously served as a higher level of consciousness inducer. I got out of bed and felt the need to walk around for a bit. The good mood was so clearly expressed, I simply needed to walk around a bit to dive into it. I also noticed very clearly lightness in the upper part of the chest when breathing. I went to the bath and applied it again. About half an hour later during my puja (a gratitude ceremony to my guru) I felt very clearly how like from nowhere some thoughts of courage came out spontaneously. After that when walking out of the hall I saw a person on the stairs and I started singing in a spirit of a good mood and a bit later caught myself making a joke with another person. It was so natural and just coming out of me. When I dived a bit into analysing what was happening, how did I feel and when I compared it to other things I’ve tried I came to the conclusion that there was a very special spirit inside the cow dung coming from the cow and it was responsible for the effect on me. In the past I’ve applied a rich herbal solution on my whole body, also fresh wheatgrass juice and I also slept for about an year in a magnetic bed with negative ions and infra-red technology (Nikken Sleeping System) and I also had about an year of sleeping out in the woods at few places. While the effect from some of those things was clearly positive and tangible there was something very tangible here as well, but truly different. The effect was very subtle, coming from very deep within, nothing like  the other experiences till now.. So tender, so soft and gentle, yet so powerful. I felt as if I had slept all night in the lap of my mother or in the lap of a goddess and all I had received all night long was love, love, love.  When I dived into the feeling a spontaneous thought came to my mind. “Oh, Swamiji (my guru), why didn’t you give this to us from the very beginning? It could have been so much easier!” I felt that all the processes I’ve gone through till now could have been much easier with this experience. Staying at the ashram at some moments for me was a challenge. But then I thought that everything happens for a reason and also his role is of a guru to awaken the knowledge and responsibility in us, rather than give us everything with a spoon, so maybe he preferred for people to discover things by themselves, while he provides the proper environment for this specific life-style that the ashram was dedicated to.

The cow was a goddess! That’s in one single sentence what I’ve discovered totally on my own as if I was the first person on planet earth to have found it out. It was a direct experience with no intermediation. If you have a cow and know her value, you don’t need a Bible, a Coran or a Bhagavad Gita, you don’t need a priest or a guru. You have the direct experience of the divine. Even if you need an enlightened being for your last step, the cow can easily bring you through 99% of your path in and towards pure love.

For the next about ten days I observed the effects of the cow dung application on my daily life. It induced my creativity and the feeling of “being in the zone”. I felt this especially when working on the computer. In all of the period of the preceding 3 months I’ve never felt so free and fluid in my inner space. I felt very clearly how easily positive thoughts are coming and how my speech was positively influenced. I started speaking more fluently and felt my words receiving more power. I also had spontaneous moments of joking and creativity. I came to the conclusion that the person who regularly applies cow dung would inevitably develop his creative side in the most natural, deep and easy way. When these thoughts came to my mind I remembered reading about Krishna that he used to play in cow dung as a child. I instantly attributed his well known creative side, music and poetry, to this activity that he practised. I also noticed the protective quality of the cow dung towards negative thoughts and influences. I had two nightmares and in the second one I was conscious of the situation and knew how to react without being influenced by the play that happened with and in front of me. I understood that these were effects from the cow dung helping me burn out negative seeds of my own patterns. I also caught myself vividly imagining during the day a strong magician playing black magic on me. In this at first unconscious imagination I smiled instinctively and told him calmly “That’s useless, I’ve got the blessings of Gomata (The Goddess Mother Cow) with me”  and went along with what I was doing. Through this at first unconscious mental play I concluded that the cow through the cow dung protects from negative influences and even black magic. About the healing effect I thought that it would cure most of the known diseases, as the love that I experienced was so deep and strong, it would inevitably start with the nervous system and breathing and lead to all the rest. I concluded that all diseases that are connected with insufficiency of motherly and female energy and love could be easily healed by the cow dung and the effect would be just like in my case, instant. That included depression, negative thoughts, insecurity, feelings of loneliness, low inner image, suicidal thoughts and tendencies, bad mood, lack of interest in life, etc. Cow dung was the best meditation enhancer and any spiritual practice enhancer I’ve ever come across with. It alone, without any technique can put you easily in a state of meditation. Your meditation will certainly jump to a totally new level of experience with it. Meditation becomes totally effortless, blissful and deep. When this created inner space is produced regularly and hence cultured in the body, spiritual powers become very easy to be expressed. I also concluded that the cow dung would inevitably make you smarter. It will make your mind stronger. Actually, in time you can easily become a genius through this method. The explanation is very simple indeed. People develop their gift, qualities and talents only in an atmosphere of love and support. A child or grown up human being can never express a beautiful talent without love. Talented and gifted children can develop only with a strong loving atmosphere from their mother or any other being that can play this role for them. A grown up man can develop his talents by the presence of a loving woman or any other being that can play this female role for him, but there’s never a case of expressed gift without deep, strong and supporting love. While talent is the fruit, love is the ground and the atmosphere for the tree. Incredibly, but I’ve come across a material that could transfer through the skin a truly amazing, deep, and incredibly pure female and motherly love. If you’re in the constant presence of a goddess, how is it possible for you to remain a normal human being? It’s practically impossible. Whether you understand it or not, whether you feel it or not, whether you want it or not your destiny would be just one - flourishing under the influence of this goddess and expressing all your inherited gifts and talents.

First three pictures: sponsors of the cow farm at the morning cow gratitude cereminy (go mata puja). Rest of the pictures: the gratitude ceremony was performed every morning at 5:15 am at the temple which was being built around the sacred banian tree for which Nithyananda had a vision that he needs to find and build his ashram around. In the background one can see the children from the Nithyananda school doing their morning yoga.

As for the skin issue that I had, psoriasis, it went away in 2 weeks, although there were some further steps to be done for the full recovery. Best result I had achieved in all my psoriasis history from about 7 years when it started. But what was even more striking was that my wrinkles reduced visibly as well. My skin as a whole got much better. This turned out to be a great cosmetic product and I was absolutely certain its results would be the best if compared to anything else on the market. I remembered when reading about the human urine therapy years ago that there was excellent feedback from ladies regarding the cosmetic effect of this therapy and also for the health, strength and brilliance of the hair. Human urine is also traditionally considered as a waste product, but in reality has as well tremendous healing and spiritual power. In respect to the mechanism of how the skin gets better through the cow dung it's truly amazing and it has no analogue in the world. What happens with the cow dung is that it first creates beauty from within by filling your whole inner space with incredible feeling of love, bliss, great mood and psychological stability and then as a secondary effect it produces a great skin as well. The beauty from within leads to the beauty from without! Wow, that was a sensation for me and definitely would be for the whole cosmetic world too. All other cosmetic products mostly work on the skin and have nothing to do with the inner spiritual and emotional world of the person and here it was this widely available in any region of the world resource for the best cosmetic care one could receive plus a fool proof, absolutely certain path to enlightenment.

Cow faces are absoultely mesmerizing. It brought me such a deep delight bringing these beautiful features of their faces on a picture of my phone. There were cows of different breeds at the Nithyananda goshala (cow farm) at the Bidadi, Bengalur ashram and this made me feel like I'm at a high society fashion show while being able to be among them and gaze at them for a bit.

Once I finished my inner exploration through my own experiences, thoughts and emotions in the first about ten days of application, I started reading what’s available on the internet about the cow dung and the cow as a whole. Everything I discovered through my inner exploration was confirmed in the information I came across. For thousands of years the Hindus knew about these qualities of the cow. Confirmation after confirmation after confirmation. There was even a scientific study made in an American university on the chemical substance of the cow dung that explained its mood enhancing qualities through a biochemical reaction of substances in the brain. My strong feeling though is that it’s not the elements that penetrate through the skin that produce these numerous effects on the human physiology and psychology, but it's rather the vibrational influence that is becoming possible when the dung has access to the skin. I could compare this to my experience of growing wheat grass for my wheatgrass juicing. At first I tried to grow the grass straight on the plastic plate, but it grew very weak and slow. Then I put some paper, which improved the results, but when I added soil the results were dramatically better. That was a bit illogical as the seeds DON’T NEED the outer source of food elements in the first days (they have their own), yet they grew way better with soil. The only explanation was that they simply felt better in the earth’s presence. It looked like it was a vibrational thing and they felt better with mother earth’s hug.

Results continued for about a month and then sort of declined or I simply started seeing them less frequently. This was normal for me as anything regarding health I’ve tried on myself always had the same curve after some time, which is good as this means healing has been done and new state stabilised.

One evening when applying the dung in the bathroom It put me in a strong meditative state, so I sat on a bucket and meditated for about half an hour. By the time I finished the cow dung had dried out on my skin and lost most of its smell. I thought, what about if I go to bed like this, without washing it away? So I did. When I laid down in bed I felt like there was some kind of inner surgery going on inside my body. I felt like energetically things were rearranging inside. I felt really great. I didn’t sleep this night as the blissful feeling kept me awake, but I wasn’t tired the other day. Encouraged by the results I decided to go on doing this, so I stayed longer till the thin layer dried out and went to bed. I did this thing about 5-7 times in a row and half of the times I didn’t have results and half of the time I got great results. The strongest result was one afternoon when working on the computer. I got into a deep blissful state, which lasted about two hours. It was going on and on and on, absolutely fantastic. At some point of time I felt like a being wanted to establish a connection with me. I felt like somebody was blessing me with more spiritual knowledge. Based on this I concluded that there is a connection between the quantity of the application and the results. The longer it stays on the skin the stronger and more lasting the results are.


Unfortunately, I had to stop after this as I had to go for my visa renewal. I went to the UK for a few weeks. For the first two-three weeks my skin remained healthy the way it was back in India, which was a very good indicator of the deep and lasting effect of the cow dung. After that time I couldn’t hold myself any longer and decided to get some cow dung from a local farmer. Yes, it would not be the organic, Indian traditional cow experience, where cows are worshipped and not slaughtered, but still it was better than nothing. But there was another aspect to it as well. By now I already started thinking of the global impact my discovery could have and I was thinking intensively how to make my experience available everywhere. In the Western world nowadays people don’t have access to such kinds of cows, so what would the results possibly be with what they already have? The local farmer was friendly and asked me where I prefer to get it from, the barn or the field. I took from the cows out in the field. The consistency of the cow dung was different. More liquid and very dark in colour, something between green and black.

These were normal industrial grade black and white cows like the ones we all see from the Milka chocolate and other advertisements on TV and I don’t know what they feed them with, but although they were out in the field, the dung was very dark and smelled awful. It smelled like shit and not the natural pleasant cow dung smell I was used to sensing out there in my own country and in India. When I got into the bathtub and started applying it, even I, who was already trained for 2-3 months, was disgusted by the smell again. My body shivered a bit from the cold and from the unpleasant feeling that I needed to apply this on my skin, but only about a minute later I felt a clear calming wave going through my whole body and I relaxed. I understood that it started working and I felt better. After a few minutes I washed it away and went to bed. I couldn’t fall asleep quickly and started remembering something that made me cry. That was a pleasant experience, a one of relief and soothing the soul. Next morning I went to the sea shore as usual and sat on the beach for my meditation. Soon a very strong wave of energy went from bottom to top of my head. Shortly after that there was some kind of a female figure that started appearing in form in front of me. While with eyes closed the vision started getting clearer and clearer and the matter of this figure started getting more and more condensed and at some point a feeling from within came and I admitted to this being, whatever it was, angel or a goddess or anything else, that I accept it as a real being and not hallucination. The moment I did this, there was a strong energy blow like an arrow that came as a shot from that being into my solar plexus and it disappeared. After that I started imagining very strongly a scene with my previous and current guru. It was a very vivid imagination and it touched me very deeply as if it was real and I started to cry from the appreciation and love I felt through the experience. I finished my meditation and went back home. I did a second application, had a bath and started my puja. Once again I started to cry during the puja as I felt a deep connection with my guru. It was once again a strong beautiful feeling. The next morning I didn’t get such kind of experiences, but right after my morning routine I felt an incredible surge in my creativity. The ideas inside my head got such a strong life I simply couldn’t hold them there any longer and started speaking out loud to relieve myself from them, while I was finishing and preparing for the day. I started laughing from the original and funny things that started coming out and started video recording myself. The next 3-4 hours all I was doing was just that, recording my ideas that simply bursted out of me. It was an incredibly fun time. The videos weren’t a finished product, but I caught the things that I wanted to include in future materials and as mentioned, it was so much fun! By having these two consecutive experiences I understood that the first day was meant to be for relieving and unblocking and the second was for the natural further development, unlocking the active part, the original personal creativity.

I’ve described in detail this experiences with a totally standard, industrial grade, dairy cow of the Holstein breed, the one that most of the people in the West instantly think of, when the word cow is mentioned, because I want to state that yes, even this kind of cows obviously are capable of giving strong healing and spiritual experience, in spite of the fact that they are not treated with the love, care and respect the way Indian cows are being treated. Yes, this dung smelled like shit, really unpleasant, yet it still gave a strong effect. Once I received this beautiful experience I wasn’t disgusted any longer from the dung as I was the first time. I quickly developed a positive association with it.


I extended my experimentation by finding out a method on how to leave the dung on my body even during the day without a smell or with very little traces of it. I bought a hairdryer and I carefully applied the dung on myself in my room while standing on a large towel so as not to stain and mess the carpet (even if this happens it can be cleaned easily) and right after application I dried the dung on my skin with the hair drier. The whole procedure took about 15 minutes. Some dry parts of the dung gave a slightly uncomfortable feeling on the skin at the beginning, but for me it really wasn’t much and I instantly forgot about it once I’ve put the clothes on. I asked my brother if I smell bad and as he didn’t notice anything I got encouraged to stay like this. Of course, none of the naked parts of my body had application. The downsides of leaving the cow dung on your skin without washing it are:

If you wear light-colored clothes, they will be stained from the inside. That’s easily washable, but it’s a thing that happens. It can limit the number of places and situations where you can undress freely without worrying about the reactions of other people who might be around. When you undress while going to the bathroom or in your bedroom, there are some leftover dust particles that fall off your skin and the inside parts of the clothes, so you need to attend to this. These dust particles have almost no smell, but if you haven’t washed it off your skin it will convert sooner or later to dust particles that need to be cleaned. Luckily that’s not much and could be taken care of comparatively easy. One thing though remained unsolved for a potential easy daily use in a civilised world in a house, where the bathroom is shared by more than one person. This is the temporary smell that stays in the bathroom after your procedure there. If another person enters the bathroom right after you, he’ll feel the smell. If the bath has a good ventilation system the smell will go away in something like 15-30 minutes. If you have some kind of smell combating spray, you can instantly cover up the temporary cow dung smell without any worries at all. I did this 2-3 times and it worked well, but still something needs to be done about the smell if the bathroom is shared and the other people around aren’t supportive and open to this practice. Here, in India, the bathroom isn’t a closed space, but there are 3 side walls, which don’t reach the ceiling and there’s free air-circulation all the time, so there isn’t such an issue under these circumstances. If you would like to start this practice and want to minimise the time and smell in a shared bathroom, perhaps applying it in your room and letting it dry out on your skin would be a good solution, as the dried dung doesn’t or almost doesn’t smell at all, so the only moment when it’s wet and will release any kind of smell would be the moment when you’re washing it off your skin and that’s really very little time to have a sensible odour effect in that space.

Most people would not go to the extent of experiments I did with this treatment, but I consciously tried them not only for myself, but with the intent to find a way for those who have a truly strong motivation for health or spiritual purposes to achieve fast and great results or other people who simply have the conditions to do it, like living out somewhere in nature or working and living on a farm or having a limited time treatment at a specialised centre. Also, even when I did this, I didn’t communicate intensively with other people, but just with few when I was shopping (that’s when I was back in the “modern civilisation”). I also used perfume, so that certainly covered any remaining risk with the potential odour issue.

I’m glad I did this experiment that day, because it was this or one of the other days when there was an online initiation with my guru Nithyananda, which simply blew me away and I attributed this effect mainly to the cow dung spiritual enhancement qualities. I watched Nithyananda on my mobile phone and the audio quality was low and I didn’t even chant together with him the mantra that he asked his viewers to chant, as I was at a place where I couldn’t do so, yet the effect of the initiation was amazing. Back in India I didn’t have such a result. During the initiation and after it I felt really fluid as he had predicted and I felt very blissful and like being able to be at two places at a time or have two separate realities going on in parallel inside of me. The cow dung acted as an incredible antenna on my skin to allow my body to catch what was already out there as a strong positive spiritual influence in my surrounding space. Without it the influence still would be there, but I would have never caught it. No antenna = no radio (TV or WiFi) - physics law. Cow dung was my spiritual mobile phone connecting me with the spiritual world around. Cow dung was my super easy, automatic access to the spiritual internet of feelings, emotions and higher states of consciousness. With it on my skin I felt a bit like a modern military unit - a soldier in camouflage and satellite equipment on the back to always be in full sync with the general’s plan wherever I go, so that my mission would turn from a war prevention experience to a great travelling or tourist experience.

My bed at the dormitory of the ashram. Coming back from a whole day work at the farm I'd inevitably bring in some cow smell inside the room, but thanks to the developped method I wouldn't bring smell from my cow dung bath from the bathroom.

Encouraged by this breakthrough I got with the ability to have dried cow dung on my skin during the day I decided to try it also during the night. I bought myself black, cotton pyjamas and did the same thing before going to bed. Later, when I returned to India I couldn’t use the hair dryer as we live in dorms and I didn’t feel comfortable doing this procedure in front of the others and also wouldn’t feel comfortable to make noise with the dryer every single night while other people around might already be sleeping. But by that time I already had enough experience to discover the next step that was practical for this environment. I discovered that if your pyjamas are clean and the cow dung is comparatively fresh (not older than about 5-7 days) and coming from a organically fed cow, so that the cow dung smells like cow dung and not like shit, then you don’t even need to dry the dung on your skin if you want to keep it for the night or for the next few hours or for the day. You can simply apply it with a little water on the skin to spread it more easily and then you just put on top your clothes that you’ve taken for this specific purpose. Like this I went to bed and slept among my friends who were just right next to my bed and they never understood anything. The thing is that when you cover the surface that gives out the smell with cloth the smell is entirely or almost entirely blocked, so when I put the clothes on they kill the initial smell that comes out of the fresh, lightly wet dung. Then the bed cover serves as an additional smell isolation. In about half an hour the dung dries on the body and the smell reduces anyway. In the morning you just need to clean a bit around from the dried dung dust particles that fall around your clothes and that’s it. I wash my pyjamas every 3-4 days and stick with fresh cow dung. I don’t have an issue sleeping in a dorm with about 30 people around and nobody knows what I’m doing. Only one single time when I mixed the cow dung with haritaki and the dung was about 8 days old (that was right after I came back when I still haven’t perfected my system of leaving the dung on my skin without drying it out and stay odourless or almost odourless at the same time) there was more smell. Because I put my pyjamas on in the bathroom while still the dung is wet, naturally the pyjamas start smelling sooner compared to the case if the dung was dried out upfront, but still for my purposes and conditions a wash in 3-4 days keeps things in control. Of course, if you have two or more pairs of pyjamas and could change every day and can easily and regularly wash the pyjamas then it will be even better, but with the conditions I have right now, where I’ve got one pair of pyjamas and I’m washing things by hand for me this is the best system. In the morning I put my pyjamas in a nylon bag, so as to isolate it from the slight odour that comes out and that’s it. I never tried baking soda for killing the smell and baking soda is the best smell killer I know and its organic, so might try it in future.

One massively positive result I got when starting to sleep this way. On one of the first days the whole day long I felt like I wasn’t myself, but somebody else. I had an entirely different inner space. It was like in another dimension. I was incredibly calm and had such a deep connection with myself. My speech became very calm, deep and smooth and I also connected much deeper with the people around. I absolutely loved this experience. This experience I got in Bulgaria with a cow dung from a villager who had one cow for his family purposes and had organic practices of taking care of her.

I also started to have moments more often where I felt I could use my third eye for different purposes. In order to use the third eye you need a special kind of inner silence and calmness and the cow dung is a specialist in producing this kind of state. By now, about a month after starting to sleep regularly with it on my skin I already had few very clear visions while being with eyes closed during meditations.

Our baby and teenage cows at that time


Few things to mention about the smell. The smell of the cow dung, when the cow is looked after in a proper organic way is actually good and pleasant. If the person reacts negatively to it, that’s 100% totally social conditioning. It’s also quite interesting to know about the point of view of Shiva (the main Hindu God) regarding the definition of good and bad smell. Our guru, Nithyananda, mentioned in a spiritual discourse in Jully 2017 that according to the scriptures a good smell is the one that increases the prana (the living energy) in the body. This means that the good smell might not always need to be one of a perfume (perhaps the first association for lots of people), but one that gives this living energy to the body. He further mentioned that there are three smells that come to his mind first that charge him with prana: the smell of a freshly ploughed earth in a dripping rain weather, the smell of goshala (vedic cow farm) and the smell of herbs when preparing aushadha (an ancient Vedic herbs recipe energised by the guru). The smell of the cow alone has the potential to heal:
“I tell you, anybody who has breathing issues and sleep disorders, sleep in natural hygienic Goshala (cow farm). You will get out of the problem within 10 days, because that smell of the cow’s urine opens your lungs and makes you breathe deeply. These secular stupid donkeys will criticize all this, but I tell you, I lived, I am talking from my experience. Soon some doctors will do research and prove what I am talking is true. Science may catch up with me, science may catch up with me in 1 year, 2 years or 10 years, I don’t care, if you are my disciple - listen and live it.”  Nithyananda, Kundalini is the Fuel to Run Your Life (YouTube video), 2017-07-17.

I also want to mention an interesting social incident in this aspect, as the social behaviour and acceptance is what stays as a massive motivation factor, when it comes to doing something or not, especially regarding this practice. It was my second day of work in the local cow farm (goshala) and I had to urgently go down and ask for help for a cow that had birth complications. I’ve just stopped at the place where I hoped to contact the person I wanted and two pleasant  ladies went by. I was tired as I haven’t slept for more than 24 hours, I was in working clothes and spent the whole night in the barn with lots of cows who do their thing around, so really not the best presentational thing for contact with other people in this situation. So, I was caught in surprise when both of them looked at me with smiling expressions. The first one shot a positive comment regarding my outlooks remarking my skin colour from the sun and something about me looking the same way when she first saw me about 7 months ago and the second one even stayed a bit longer and in the communication exchange mentioned that the cow dung smell she felt reminded her of a period of time in her life, when she was in a group where they taught people how to make cow dung houses. I asked if she has tried it on her skin and she hasn’t, but she was enthusiastic about meeting again and exchanging more information and making a video on the topic. Well, that definitely was something that could never ever cross my mind regarding the social interaction with other people around at a moment like this. My social conditioning tells me that coming out of the barn and smelling on cow dung is not the preferred way of entering into social interactions, but this experience showed me that when you make your decisions in life based on deeper values, then the rest can rearrange itself around you. It turned out that in spite of my expectations and social conditioning, there are people from my field of lifestyle and interests that like and support what I’m doing. To be honest though, I believe that this incident came about also because of the blessings I was getting from my decision to take care of the cows and help this new mother cow at this moment. I was given a signal that my activity is not only spiritually, but socially valuable and I should go ahead with courage with it.

The beauties I was surrounded with from February 2018 to June 2018 at Nithyananda's goshala (cow farm) in Bidadi, Bengalur, India


  • Cow dung is a material carrier of pure, divine love
    You can have direct experience of the ultimate divine love just by allowing cow dung to get in touch with your skin. The only reason the cow dung needs to get in touch with your skin is the physical mechanism of action. It needs the touch to transmit the vibrations it is holding through the skin, which afterwards reaches the core of your soul.
    The only analogue to cow dung that’s known to me till now is Aushada, an ancient Vedic recipe of herbs charged with the cosmic energy and consciousness of an enlightened being. The knowledge about Aushada has been revived by my guru, The Avatar, His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda in whose presence I received all the mentioned experiences of the divine powers of the cow. By the way, in the preparation of Aushada the spirit of the cow is always present in one form or another. Aushada is applied just on a few spots of the body, mainly the third eye and the temples of the head.
  • Cow dung gives direct experience of the divine
    The person who regularly applies cow dung on the skin doesn’t need any spiritual script or human guidance for the divine experience. Bible, Coran or Bhagavad gita; meditation at home or prayer in the church; priest, imam or a guru; all of them are truly helpful, useful and supportive on your path of spiritual experience, yet cow dung even without any of the above gives direct experience of the divine. An enlightened being can give you direct experience as well. It’s just that cows play the role of enlightened beings and are everywhere. Of course, best is having all the means possible for enlightenment all together and that’s one thing I’m truly happy and appreciative about the place I am right now, Niithyananda’s home, where all day round you’re submerged in a supportive spiritual development atmosphere. Summing up all my spiritual search and experience till now I can share my own opinion that the application of cow dung on the skin is the most certain, easy, fully automatic, purely physically guaranteed way to enlightenment and direct experience of the divine. Here is the shortest, most effective and practical, most guaranteed and most scientific spiritual scripture ever of all times that you’ll ever need to read, remember, revere, canonise, adore, worship and follow  towards your path of enlightenment and the divine.
    Ready for it?
    Here we go:“APPLY COW DUNG ON YOUR SKIN.”The weight of these few words is thousand times more than the weight of ALL other spiritual scriptures of all times taken together. Why? Because you REALLY DON’T NEED TO KNOW MORE for the divine experience. Yes, if you are ready to receive enlightenment, then many short phrases from many spiritual scriptures can give you a divine experience. It’s just that with the cow dung you can start from the lowest level of consciousness and gradually, but in a very practical and certain manner you will build yourself up to the highest experiences. If you think that this method is a bit impractical, because of your life style then I’ll give you a bit longer version of this new, latest version of the Bible:“CHANGE YOUR LIFE STYLE. FIND A COW. APPLY COW DUNG ON YOUR SKIN.”

You can trust me on this - reading about the divine can give you an experience only when you’re truly very advanced and sensitive (that means almost never) and searching for a true enlightened being to lead you in the right spiritual path can take you a lifetime and certainly will demand a change in the life style anyway. Just take the cow. That’s a foolproof, 100% fully guaranteed way to the divine in the short and long run.

The cow can unlock so much love in a human's life

  • Most of the Hindus have only theoretical knowledge, but not practical experience of the divine nature of the cow
    Going through these experiences, I asked myself how come this technology is not applied everywhere at every single ashram and by the followers of every guru of this land of India, where the cow is revered as a divine being. My inevitable conclusion was that the knowledge was simply lost and what remained was mainly the tradition, the story and the rituals of honouring the cow, but not the real life experience of the divine nature of that creature. Hard to believe it? Ok, here’s my experience with my own organisation, where we are at different times, somewhat about 300-500 people in this centre. When talking about the cow everyone “knows” that the cow is a divine being, but when it comes to real life EXPERIENCE almost nobody can give you one. Cows are there in the form of deities and cow elements are included in some rituals and that’s all. Almost nobody goes to at least visit the cow farm (goshala), which is 5 minutes away by foot and when it comes to choosing a department where to work there’s just a few people, who by their own will choose to go there. Paradoxically, I got much stronger experiences of the divine qualities of the cows even compared to the people working with the cows and spending all day long with them and for a prosaically simple reason. By allowing the cow dung to touch my skin I allowed the spirit of the cow to get closer to my heart then by being physically with her and working for her existence. The relationship with your co-workers is one thing, the intimate relationship with the person with whom you share your bed and allow the touch with your skin is totally different. It was very much like the guru-disciple relationship. For the love, knowledge and experience to flow freely from the guru to the disciple the sincere intimate connection is a must and you simply need to allow it. Allowing the cow dung to touch your skin was precisely this, allowing for this intimate relationship to catch hold, recognising the role of the cow as a healing and spiritual being for you in an intimate way. When I searched on the internet I saw the same picture at the other places as well. Yes, here and there there were some good medical results reported, some rituals with cow dung and even there were research centres specialised on the cow. But these were really very small number of cases, especially taking into account the size of this country, which is the second largest in the world by population. Also, I couldn’t see detailed references regarding specifically the spiritual experiences with cow dung.
  • Is there a right way of worshipping the cow?
    When comparing my way of truly effective, instant and deep experience of the divine nature of the cow with the ways of worshipping the cow through the Hindu traditions that I gradually started getting acquainted with, I started asking myself a simple question. Is there actually a right way for worshipping the cow and has it been lost? A simple example for illustration for what I mean. Let’s take for example the experience of a bottle of wine or a joint of marijuana. How do you get to truly know the wine or the marijuana, their qualities and their effect on you? There are two possible ways to try it out.
    First way: You read about them, you do rituals, pujas, prayers, meditations, then you build deities to worship them and you include them in the celebration calendar and you talk about them to the others as a great means to improve your mood and bring about beautiful experiences.
    Second way: You simply drink the wine and smoke the marijuana (and you might do all of the things from the first method or you might do absolutely none of them at all, but you just drink the wine and smoke the joint). You allow the physical expression of the wine and the marijuana to get in contact with your physical expression and by this allow their spirit to actively interact with your spirit. What would be the result? When applying the first method would you get even after 40 years of worshipping the true experience of wine and marijuana? It might be possible in the rare cases of truly enlightened beings (super sensitive nervous system that can extract information just by directing the attention towards an object), but hardly achievable for all the rest. Yet, it takes only a few minutes or maximum an hour to get the sought after experience without any worship, but by simple, practical, physical contact with those substances, by letting them into your body. Then what are all these rituals and worshipping of the cow all about?
    In my opinion, true worship of the cow is getting in physical touch with the cow and her  products, especially cow urine and cow dung. All the rest of the rituals were created by the first discoverers of the divine nature of the cow in a state of deepest appreciation and gratitude for what the cow endows the human beings with and for the purpose that human beings should always remember and treasure these divine beings. Even though I’ve never had anything similar to my cow dung experience from those rituals and words of praising and honour I still value them, because it's because of the remains of this knowledge that I found confirmation that what I’m experiencing in my inner space is not a subjective hallucination, but an objective centuries old reality for millions of people.
  • Fresh cow dung is far better than vibhuti
    Vibhuti is the white powder that you see applied on the foreheads and sometimes on the bodies of Hindus. This is sacred ash, which may include different elements, but the burned cow dung ash remains the base. In our sanga (spiritual organisation) it is compulsory to wear it on a daily basis as it is prescribed in the sacred agamic texts. Why is it necessary? Here’s an explanation that I found on internet and that matches precisely 1:1 my discovery of the cow dung as a spiritual antenna for the human body:
    “But if it is properly prepared and you know where and how to apply it, sacred ash makes you much more receptive; and the place where you apply it on your body becomes more sensitive and goes towards the higher nature. So, before you step out of the house in the morning, you apply sacred ash at certain points to receive the divine around you, not the devil. Depending on which aspect of you is receptive at that moment, you can receive life in different ways and from various dimensions of who you are.” (
    When comparing the effects from the vibhuti, the one that we use on the 16 different parts of our body, to the effects from the fresh cow dung that I applied on my whole body (for a few minutes before washing it off or for the extended duration of the whole night) I should say that not a single time I have ever felt any effect from the vibhuti, yet I instantly felt from the very first time and very short application of fresh cow dung its phenomenal spiritual sensitivity enhancement function. From this I come to the suggestion that vibhuti might have been prescribed in the ancient sacred texts only as a compromise for the fresh cow dung, but from my subjective experience it doesn’t have even 10% of its efficiency. Or there could be some kind of special receipt that creates the effect, but is unknown to me. The person who has taken a cow dung bath in the morning (applied cow dung and then washed it away) doesn’t need to apply vibhuti and has done a much greater job regarding the purpose of vibhuti, but of course if vibhuti is also available around then better to use it in addition as well. If you can’t apply fresh cow dung and you have good quality vibhuti then best apply it all over the body like the aghories (branch of Hinduism) do. Cow dung and obviously vibhuti are your spiritual mobile phones (or TV, Radio, Internet, WiFi antennas) - take it with yourself DAILY!!! Stay connected the easy way!!! Don’t worry, there’s no side effects other than enlightenment. Actually, once you’ve experienced it you’ll never need a reminder as you’ll be hooked on it. I myself definitely am and I absolutely love it!
  • Cow dung, cow urine and other cow products, when applied properly will inevitably give you shaktis (spiritual powers) in time
    Spiritual powers, known as Siddhis or Shaktis, are expressed only when you experience a deep feeling of oneness with the cosmos. From this ground of unity your thoughts express effortlessly and use the leverage of the powers of the cosmos, so superpowers become a natural thing, normal lifestyle. So, the key to them is getting to this right inner space, learning how to get there and then stabilise the experience. There are many ways to do this, but the effect from the application of cow dung on the skin convinced me that this is a most certain, practical, easy to do, fully automatic way of receiving a real life experience in this direction or at least tremendously facilitating the other already existing methods. I very clearly noticed prolonged periods of time of higher spiritual sensitivity and remaining in this right inner space. Most importantly with the help of the cow dung this happens totally automatically and effortlessly. Outside of the physical application there’s absolutely nothing else required from you to receive a spiritual experience. With this I feel very clearly that the regular application of cow dung and from there the regular experience of this right inner space will inevitably lead anyone to fully and naturally  express various spiritual powers (shaktis). What I’m looking forward to now is to dramatically speed up this process by adding to the daily routine the use of cow urine in all its possible ways of application - drinking, massaging into the skin or enemas. There are also other additional formulas to speed up this process.

The whole Hindu civilization got high on cow dung and other cow products
Here’s a discovery I made that was as astounding to me, as if I’ve just discovered a second moon next to the earth. When it comes to a religion I always imagine a system of beliefs and moral values. But when I started getting my spiritual experiences from the cow dung and started reading about the cow dung, cow urine and other cow products and the role of the cow in Hinduism I began forming an amazing new picture. This whole religion or science called Hinduism has a major foundational pillar the importance of which is so high that if you take it away the whole Hinduism will collapse and disappear. This pillar is the cow. No cow = No Hinduism. Without the cow Hinduism will remain just a theory without a practical experience. All the 16 Hindu rituals include cow dung. The cow and her products is a vital basic ingredient for the experience of the divine. When reading the texts, looking into the rituals and taking into account my own experience I understood that the Hindus were using the cow and the cow products just like the hippies were using marijuana. They simply got high on them and they did this on a regular basis. Imagine a religion based on the experience of smoking marijuana! You go to church and everybody gets high and you have such a great time and service in this atmosphere. Then you use the same or similar substances to get high on whole lot of other different spiritual occasions in order to explore further and further realms of the spiritual and ultimate reality and develop higher consciousness and sensitivity about the cosmos. Sounds pretty attractive idea for a religion, doesn’t it? Well, believe it or not, but with Hindus and cows it’s actually the same thing as in this example. Yes, it's not the same high as marijuana and not that quick and dizzy effect, but massive amounts of bliss and spiritual experiences produced on full autopilot. There’s just two main elements that need to be done for the full experience to kick in: detoxification process (keeping the body and emotions clean) and extensive use of cow products, mainly cow urine and cow dung throughout the day. If this basic formula is applied just as many people are getting high on the use of marijuana the same amount of people will get on the spiritual high that the cow products are giving. Automatic, free of suffering way to enlightenment that’s full of love, bliss and joy will become totally available with hardly any spiritual advice from here and there needed on how to get there and what to do. When I realised this possibility I got encouraged to construct a routine that will make this experience possible for all the people around the world, which will include application of cow urine in normal and concentrated form multiple times during the day as well as cow dung application and other cow products and combination with herbs and other proven substances. There could be short several weeks long courses, theme gatherings, festivals, musical events and others of the kind organised and people would be guaranteed a high mood with strong spiritual experiences based on the cow products instead of drugs and alcohol. It won’t be difficult for people to overcome their initial barriers towards the use of these products, when they see the results with the others. Especially when people start expressing shaktis like crazy through such kinds of practices and events and when they are strikingly energetic, emotionally stable, healthy, creative, happy and in high spirit, then the job will be done.

Some faces of the Nithyananda goshala (cow farm) team in the period February 2018 - June 2018

Me giving some hard time to two fellow volunteers at the cow farm 🙂

Few thoughts in advance about the potential of cow urine to make you rich and affluent
Although my cow urine experience by now has been limited to two times drinking, through my cow dung experiments and the literature I read on cow urine I came to this vital conclusion. Here are some quite intriguing quotes regarding gold in the body and its connection with wealth from the greatest Bulgarian spiritual teacher from the last century, Beinsa Duno (Petar Dynov). It’s because of him that in 1929 Krishnamurti refused to be announced as the World Master and Christ in the following words “It is not me, who is the World Master, it is not me who is Christ. The World Master is in Bulgaria.”
Petar Dynov about gold: “Every person has a certain amount of gold in himself and on the outside he can be only as rich as the quantity of organic gold he carries in his blood.” Further he explains how important it is for people to eat with golden vessels and how gold improves the quality of water and that man can get gold through certain foods, spiritual routine and through sun gazing. Well, cow urine is rich in gold as in many other vitally important elements for the well-being and health of the human body, so you get three things at once - good health, an affluence attracting element in the form of gold and spiritual enrichment with the divine nature of the cow. When on a group internet zoom call with Ma Mahayoga, who is world famous for her materialisation demos on demand, I mentioned the relationship between the body content of gold and the outside expression of abundance. She instantly reacted that our guru Nithyananda has told her that she can materialise golden objects because she has a high amount of gold in the blood. By the way, she has shared on numerous occasions that she never had problems with financial affluence. Once she said that she had as many cars as many colours on her clothes (and they are a lot).
Cow urine can be taken in all three ways: drinking, through the skin and through enema, so accumulation of gold in the blood will be simply inevitable by the person, who takes on this method seriously and accumulation of wealth could easily become either fully automatic or at least in its greatest part so, without any additional will power, exhausting work or suffering or any other special activities, or if such are needed they all will truly enjoyable based on the overall influence of cow urine.

Our team leader, Sri Nithya Pranavananda, speaking on the benefits of the cow urine infront of the newly installed destilator system for cow urine. Sri Pranavananda was responsible for the cow farm of another great Indian guru before coming to Nithyananda, Sathya Sai Baba, and while I was there he was running 24/7 three different activities: the cow farm at the ashram, his own business as a veterenary doctor abroad and the Be Food Free program of Nithyananda for lifestyle based only on liquids. He, just like the others, was a shining example of a person with phenomenal energy, responsibility and dedication to his job.