Bluetooth Freedom Project (Tricks for Rabbits or Enlightenment for Human Beings)


The year is 2022. Hundreds of millions of people in today’s world have been chipped with the Bluetooth technology and they don’t know it yet.

This is a complete guide to all aspects of the Bluetooth chipping of the population:

  • How to present the information about the Bluetooth chipping to others, including to the authorities
  • What is the technology
  • Who created it and what’s the idea
  • How was it implemented
  • Individual and social consequences
  • How to identify the Bluetooth chip number (MAC address) of the carrier in three different ways
  • Psychological and spiritual aspects to the process
  • What can we do about it
  • Healing solutions
  • Lots of visuals for clear understanding

The document is in A4 page format to allow for easy printing.


This book was born based on a document I presented to the Bulgarian police in Sofia from where just in about 3 days the investigation officer sent the documentation to the prosecution. With this act the Bulgarian police became the first official institution in the world to officially recognise that there are Bluetooth chips in the vaccines. Inspired by this success I decided to put down all my experience and inner vision that I developed over time while working on this project.

THE IDEA OF THIS DOCUMENT IS TO INITIATE A PROJECT CALLED “BLUETOOTH FREEDOM” THE PURPOSE OF WHICH IS TO BRING THE INFORMATION OF THE ILLEGAL BLUETOOTH CHIPPING TO ALL THE PEOPLE AROUND THE GLOBE. It is meant to be a blueprint for a future coordinated action in bringing awareness to the nations around the world on this subject. Yet, in the same time it presents a truly comprehensive information and series of solutions for anyone who is interested in this topic, but doesn’t really want to have any other attachments.

This document treats the different aspects of the Bluetooth chipping and offers complete solutions for the challenges that arise with this event. It contains:

  • Unique method of presenting the information on the mRNA vaccines with extreme efficiency by using the Bluetooth chips
  • Detailed explanations of the advantages of this method and comparison with the standard one
  • Loads of graphs and visuals for visualising in a clear way all the different aspects of the problem with the Bluetooth chipping
  • A unique attempt to look at the problem of the illegal Bluetooth chipping of the populations with an alternative perspective that can empower each of us, instead of disempowering the people
  • A plan for coordinated action
  • A completely unique perspective on the aspect from point of view of consciousness development
  • A letter of complaint for the presence of illegal Bluetooth devices to be presented at the local police department
  • A detailed protocol with lot’s of visuals for instant identification of the Bluetooth chips of the vaccinated
  • Attachements with independent laboratory tests on the contents of the mRNA vaccines, an independent study of the presence of Bluetooth signals in vaccinated, PCR tests analysis, dangers of the graphene oxide (the building element of the Bluetooth microchips in the vaccinated), the adverse health effects from the chipping, dangers of 5G (5G drastically increases the health risks with the vaccinated due to the Bluetooth chipping)
  • Extremely elaborated section of solutions for the current situation on a psychological, social and technical level. You cannot find this anywhere else.

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